Spas come in different denominations. Some call them Jacuzzi (c) other they are called hot tubs or sometimes they are called simply outdoor pools.

  • Entry spas

    The series 'Entry', our spas are well equipped for the customer who likes to have a good outdoor spa but without a lot of extras. Although these spas 'Entry' are they still have everything on board that a good massagespa should have.

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  • Design spas

    Design spas, have been given a separate label at Relaxcentrum for their diversity in style and comfort.

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  • Design plus spas

    The section "Design Plus" have gotten us this label by their complete massage of both performance, design and designing my own layout as comfort for the user. Spas These spas are sumsum to the user who loves good finishes and wants to enjoy its spa.

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  • Design lounge spas

    The lable Lounge Design spa has been distributed by Relaxcentrum to the spas that distinguish themselves from the usual models with their design. These spas are tight in the suit.

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