SantaFe Qhotspa

Product code: 0230SANTAFE

6 People

220 x 220 x 96

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This Santa Fe received the design plus status for its maximum comfort, space, power and performance. This spa contains 6 seats. This spa has a themed seat with a full back, neck and shoulder massage for the connoisseurs among us. The massage system is provided by 3 pumps (3x2PK) with an additional airblower system pump (1x700w) over 132 jet A zone air-venturi system is used to fine-tune the power on the different massage seats. distribution of the pump power over the entire spa. The themed seat is given full priority during use. The separate circulation pump provides sufficient filtration flow to keep the bath clear together with the built-in ozonator. A 3 kW TITANIUM heater ensures that your spa can be quickly and easily brought up to temperature and maintained. This spa has a color LED under water and fiber lighting on the edge of the water surface as a mood maker, which brings your water color to the right atmosphere. The depth of the spa provides better protection and relaxation during the colder winter days. This Design Plus range received from us the top HIGH END computer system from Balboa that performs all necessary controls and system adjustments in a fraction of a second to ensure the maximum worry-free enjoyment of your spa. Standard color: White Casing: Gray Winter cover: Gray Control system: BALBOA TOUCH TITANIUM Upgrade: Winter package, Bluetooth Sound system, speakers Options: none