What can Relaxcentrum do for you ?

What can Relaxcentrum do for you ?


Relaxcentrum is this good cooperation rely on the professional expertise and assistance in developing their own projects. So Relaxcentrum can vouch for your own private spa area indoors or garden for private use. Sauna and infrared cabins are made ​​to measure and taste for you .

Relaxcentrum Group swimmers can expect a wide selection swimspas, countercurrent pool, polyester pool. We take care of the finish of your pool excavation work until the final finish with, if required, the necessary filtrations, dosing devices and self canopies .

Walk-in showers with rain sprinklers, restrooms, tiling your room or terrace, adjust the necessary electricity to your sauna or jacuzzi, everything can be done or coordinated by the people of Relaxcentrum. Relaxcentrum also has reliable contacts with landscapers, pool builders, pool covers

In relaxation center you can relax from all the order, everything is controlled from A to Z for you